New Housing starts increased in August 2015, should you buy new or pre-owned?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation data shows that the trend measure of housing starts was 196,565 units in August compared to 185,642 in July. The standalone monthly SAAR was 216,924 units in August, up from 193,253 units in July. The SAAR of urban starts increased by 13.6 per cent in August to 201,312 units. Multi-unit urban starts increased by 19.5 per cent to 142,927 units in August and the single-detached urban starts segment increased by 1.4 per cent to 58,385 units.
However there were regional dips. Bob Dugan, CMHC’s chief economist said: “While national starts have increased, housing construction has started to slow in Alberta and Saskatchewan as a result of weakening economic conditions related to the decline of oil prices.”
The seasonally adjusted annual rate of urban starts increased in Ontario, but decreased in British Columbia, the Prairies, Atlantic Canada and Québec.


Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1/2 per cent

Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1/2 per cent

Ottawa, Ontario

9 September 2015

Available as: PDF

The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1/2 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 3/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 1/4 per cent.

Inflation has evolved in line with the outlook in the Bank’s July Monetary Policy Report(MPR). Total CPI inflation remains near the bottom of the target range, reflecting year-over-year price declines for consumer energy products. Core inflation has been close to 2 per cent, with disinflationary pressures from economic slack being offset by transitory effects of the past depreciation of the Canadian dollar and some sector-specific factors. The dynamics of GDP growth in Canada outlined in July’s MPR also remain intact. The stimulative effects of previous monetary policy actions are working their way through the Canadian economy.
Canada’s resource sector continues to adjust to lower prices for oil and other commodities, with some spillover to the rest of the economy. These adjustments are complex and are expected to take considerable time. Economic activity continues to be underpinned by solid household spending and a firm recovery in the United States, with particular strength in the sectors of the U.S. economy that are important for Canadian exports.
Increasing uncertainty about growth prospects for China and other emerging-market economies, in contrast, is raising questions about the pace of the global recovery. This has contributed to heightened financial market volatility and lower commodity prices. Movements in the Canadian dollar are helping to absorb some of the impact of lower commodity prices and are facilitating the adjustments taking place in Canada’s economy. While the overall export picture is still uncertain, the latest data confirm that exchange rate-sensitive exports are regaining momentum.
Meanwhile, risks to financial stability are evolving as expected. Taking all of these developments into consideration, the Bank judges that the risks to the outlook for inflation remain within the zone for which the current stance of monetary policy is appropriate. Therefore, the target for the overnight rate remains at 1/2 per cent.
Information note:
The next scheduled date for announcing the overnight rate target is 21 October 2015. The next full update of the Bank’s outlook for the economy and inflation, including risks to the projection, will be published in the MPR at the same time.

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Mortgage rates set to increase due to volatile bonds market


Mortgage rates set to increase due to volatile bonds market

Analysts are predicting that volatility in the government bonds market is about to lead to higher mortgage rates. Five year Canadian government bonds have increased sharply in the last month and with mortgage rates tracking the bonds it could be bad news for homeowners on variable rates. Some experts are suggesting that now would be a good time to speak to a mortgage broker at about locking in a guaranteed rate. 

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Caamp Stats – May 2015




Welcome to the May issue of CAAMP Stats. For more information on CAAMP visit     

Bank of Canada Interest Rate

March 4, 2015  0.75%
April 15, 2015  0.75%
May 27, 2015  Next meeting date

Source: Bank of Canada

Bank Prime Lending Rate 

March 5, 2015  2.85%
April 16, 2015  2.85%
May 28, 2015  Next meeting date

Source: Bank of Canada

Conventional Mortgage – 5 Year Rate* 

April 1, 2015  4.74%
April 8, 2015  4.64%
April 29, 2015  4.64%

Source: Bank of Canada

*Determinant for high ratio mortgage variable qualifying rate

US Federal Reserve Board Discount Rate

March 18, 2015  0.00%-0.25%
April 29, 2015  0.00%-0.25%
June 17, 2015  Next meeting date

Source: US Federal Reserve 

Exchange  Rate  $CDN($US)

April 1, 2015  0.7920 $CDN ($US)
April 15, 2015  0.8130 $CDN ($US)     
April 30, 2015  0.8289 $CDN ($US) 

Source: Bank of Canada

Government of Canada Bonds 

Bond Type March 25, 2015 April 8, 2015 April 22, 2015
1 year Treasury Bill  0.56%  0.60%  0.69%
3 year Benchmark Bond Yield  0.48%  0.48%  0.66%
5 year Benchmark Bond Yield  0.75%  0.75%  0.94%
10 year Benchmark Bond Yield  1.33%  1.33%  1.50%

Source: Bank of Canada 

Total New Housing Starts (Seasonally adjusted and annualized) 

Province January 2015 January 2014 February 2015 February 2014 March 2015 March 2014
Newfoundland/Labrador   5,100   2,600  1,200   4,800    900   1,200
PEI   1,000      600     300      300    200      200
Nova Scotia   3,000   2,500  2,000   1,900  2,200   2,400
New Brunswick   1,900   1,800  1,700   3,300  1,000   1,500
Quebec 28,800 32,300 26,100 51,400 29,500 35,600
Ontario 58,900 60,900 42,500 60,200 62,700 39,000
Manitoba   7,400   4,800  3,900   4,800   4,000   4,000
Saskatchewan   5,000   8,400  5,200   5,300   5,000   5,700
Alberta 43,900 39,200 43,900 35,700 50,500 39,900
British Columbia 27,400 27,100 24,600 24,300 33,700 27,400
CANADA 182,500 180,700 151,200 191,900 189,700 156,800

Source: CMHC Housing Now – April 2014 and April 2015 

Average MLS resale price for local markets 

City March 2014 March 2015
St. John’s $354,444 $301,769
Halifax $268,333 $277,377
Saint John $169,978 $157,575
Quebec $252,849 $262,214
Montreal $320,382 $331,216
Ottawa $358,966 $362,918
Toronto $557,684 $613,933
Hamilton/Burlington $410,553 $443,706
Winnipeg $278,527 $281,269
Saskatoon $344,600 $337,982
Regina $328,781 $300,148
Calgary $462,994 $457,422
Edmonton $363,757 $373,005
Vancouver  $801,543 $891,652
Victoria $493,323 $508,807

Source: Canadian Real Estate Association  

Quarterly House Price Survey – Detached Bungalows

Market Q1 2015
Last Quarter
Q1 2014
Bungalow %
Halifax 297,667  297,633  295,500  0.7% 
Charlottetown 174,000  174,000  173,000  0.6% 
Fredericton 202,000  202,000  203,000  -0.5% 
Moncton 146,800  150,796  153,000  -4.1% 
Saint John 172,845  172,935  181,425  -4.7% 
St. John’s 300,100  316,333  296,000  1.4% 
Montreal 296,546  297,300  294,557  0.7% 
Ottawa 404,167  404,708  396,500  1.9% 
Toronto 655,669  659,254  594,714  10.2% 
Hamilton 272,187  248,667  234,127  16.3% 
Winnipeg 304,534  303,987  306,507  -0.6% 
Regina 306,500  310,000  324,000  -5.4% 
Saskatoon 365,750  359,000  363,750  0.5% 
Calgary 498,400  511,889  480,222  3.8% 
Edmonton 364,906  373,244  341,651  6.8% 
Vancouver 1,174,509  1,124,642  1,062,318  10.6% 
Victoria 474,800  470,580  467,000  1.7% 
CANADA 405,895  406,218  380,765  6.6% 

Source: Royal LePage 

Quarterly House Price Survey – Standard Two-Storey

Market Q1 2015
Last Quarter
Q1 2014
2 Storey
Halifax 334,667  333,500  325,933  2.7% 
Charlottetown 207,000  205,000  205,000  1.0% 
Fredericton 210,000  210,000  215,000  -2.3% 
Moncton 148,950  151,622  135,000  10.3% 
Saint John 252,250  239,600  278,145  -9.3% 
St. John’s 407,667  428,000  400,333  1.8% 
Montreal 399,964  402,321  406,179  -1.5% 
Ottawa 407,000  407,440  399,167  2.0% 
Toronto 803,794  767,393  735,868  9.2% 
Hamilton 329,816  325,554  301,289  9.5% 
Winnipeg 342,880  336,328  325,072  5.5% 
Regina 349,500  345,000  356,000  -1.8% 
Saskatoon 396,000  401,750  393,500  0.6% 
Calgary 480,656  500,320  472,644  1.7% 
Edmonton 391,378  397,045  371,000  5.5% 
Vancouver 1,267,287  1,233,182  1,148,473  10.3% 
Victoria 477,000  474,575  471,000  1.3% 
National 451,463  443,379  428,943  5.3% 

Source: Royal LePage 

Quarterly House Price Survey – Standard Condominium

Market Q1 2015
Last Quarter
Q1 2014
Condo %
Halifax 230,000  220,500  218,950  0.5% 
Charlottetown 130,000  128,000  130,000  0.0% 
Fredericton 154,000  147,000  151,000  2.0% 
Saint John 197,100  163,985  213,427  -7.6% 
St. John’s 320,833  335,133  315,333  1.7% 
Montreal 242,778  241,983  239,561  1.3% 
Ottawa 262,167  258,817  258,500  1.4% 
Toronto 395,584  390,488  369,714  7.0% 
Winnipeg 195,905  207,709  206,291  -5.0% 
Regina 216,500  223,500  215,000  0.7% 
Saskatoon 277,000  275,333  265,000  4.5% 
Calgary 286,913  294,725  278,713  2.9% 
Edmonton 231,093  250,953  224,250  3.1% 
Vancouver 506,624  511,150  482,800  4.9% 
Victoria 266,500  258,213  257,000  3.7% 
National 261,782  257,624  252,174  3.8%

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Interest Rate Plunge will Create Stronger Real Estate Market in 2015 !

Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rate: 5 Ways Canadian Consumers May be Affected or Many Ways Side Affected (from 1% to 0.75%)

Bank of Canada shocks markets with cut in key interest rate

Interest Rate Plunge will Create Stronger Real Estate Market in 2015 !

torontomortgagetrends interest rate plunge 2015

From mortgages to savings accounts, Canadians will feel the effects of the central bank’s move

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz holds a news conference on the decision to cut its trend-setting rate to 0.75 per cent from 1.0 per cent. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

The Bank of Canada surprised financial markets by cutting its key interest rate by 0.25 per cent on Wednesday.

Here are five ways the central bank’s move will affect Canadian consumers:


  1. Cheaper mortgages for some, but not all

-> “This is good news if you’re a variable-rate mortgage holder,” said Penelope Graham, editor at

-> Variable-rate mortgages are determined by the prime interest rate, which is in turn linked to the overnight interest rate the Bank of Canada just lowered. “It remains to be seen just how much [the banks] are going to cut the prime rate, but it will be cut,” said Graham.

-> However, in a surprise move Wednesday evening, TD Bank said it will not cut its prime interest rate.

-> “Today’s announcement by the Bank of Canada was unexpected,” said Mohammed Nakhooda, a spokesman for TD Bank. “Our decision regarding our prime rate is impacted by factors beyond just the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate. Not only do we operate in a competitive environment, but our prime rate is influenced by the broader economic environment, and its impact on credit.”

-> Holders of fixed-rate mortgages, of course, won’t enjoy an immediate cut in monthly payments. Canadians taking out a new fixed-rate mortgage or renewing their old one right now could see rates edge down. Fixed mortgage rates are linked to long-term government bond yields. Those bond yields have already begun to fall in light of the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut.​

-> Graham warned Canadian home buyers that what goes down, must come up. “When rates do eventually go up, when the economy recovers, [mortgage holders] are going to see their monthly debt servicing costs go up,” said Graham. “If they can’t handle that, they could see themselves underwater on their mortgages.”


  1. Borrowing on Lines of Credit, Credit Cards

-> Like variable-rate mortgages, interest rates for lines of credit are generally tied to a bank’s prime interest rate, which is usually tied to the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate. That means Canadians borrowing money through a line of credit may see their borrowing costs to come down, depending on whether their bank cuts its prime interest rate.

-> Canadians hoping for a break on their credit card bills, though, are out of luck. “Your credit card interest [rate] is actually a stated amount,” explained Craig Alexander, chief economist at TD Bank. “So when the Bank of Canada cuts rates or raises rates it doesn’t have an influence on them.”

-> As with mortgages, Canadians shouldn’t necessarily take further advantage of cheaper borrowing costs just because they can.

-> CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal sees a potential risk to the Canadian economy if Canadians start racking up even more debt. A credit-fuelled spending spree is “something that the Bank of Canada would like to avoid,” said Tal.

-> “Our debt-to-income ratio, at 165 per cent, is relatively high,” said Tal. “That’s a risk that the Bank of Canada is taking.”


  1. The Lonnie flies south

-> The Canadian dollar fell dramatically against a variety of major currencies as soon as the Bank of Canada made its announcement, and that means Canadians immediately have less purchasing power abroad. That’s bad news for snowbirds with homes in the U.S., or any Canadian planning an international trip.

-> If Canadians are wondering when to transfer money to a foreign bank account, they can try to take advantage of short-term volatility in exchange rates, according to Karl Schamotta, director of foreign exchange research at Cambridge Mercantile Group.

-> “Typically exchange rates do not follow a nice linear trend,” said Schamotta. “There’s certainly potential to harness any gains that might occur over the coming months, but at the same time it’s very important to look at that overall backdrop and understand that the Canadian dollar is likely to remain depressed for a long period of time.

-> How long could the Lonnie fly so low? Schamotta sees a clue in the Bank of Canada’s own outlook, which says lower oil prices will have an “unambiguously negative” effect on the Canadian economy for 2015 and beyond.

-> “What we’re looking at here is a relatively bearish outlook for interest rates and for growth in Canada for at least a one- to two-year period here, and that is likely to keep the Canadian dollar contained,” said Schamotta.

-> That negative outlook could turn more positive, added Schamotta, if some kind of geopolitical shock causes oil prices to surge once again.


  1. No Immediate effect on auto loans

-> Auto loans tend to be fixed-rate, not variable-rate. That means the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut won’t have an immediate effect on auto financing, according to Canadian Auto Dealers Association chief economist Michael Hatch.

-> “I don’t think that tomorrow automotive consumers are going to wake up necessarily to easier or harder financing conditions,” said Hatch. “It’s going to remain par for the course.”

-> Still, Hatch didn’t rule out cheaper auto financing in the near future. “It’s a very competitive [interest rate] environment out there. It could well happen in the next few months, going into the spring selling season.”

  1. An Unplanned bad time for Savers

-> If you enjoy interest generated from a traditional savings account, the Bank of Canada’s move is bad news for those returns.

-> “We saw when the Bank of Canada cut interest rates during the last recession that interest rates on savings accounts went down almost linearly with the decline in the Bank of Canada overnight rate,” said Randall Bartlett, senior economist at TD Economics.

-> “There’s not going to be a massive change, but at the same time … if you’re not earning much interest before, you’re going to be earning less interest now,” added Bartlett. This could be a good time for savers to think about changing their strategy, said Bartlett.

-> “As interest on things like savings accounts and government debt … comes down, at the same time it does provide incentives for people to invest in other types of assets that have higher returns,” said Bartlett. “Things like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds … tend to benefit from rate cuts” as businesses take advantage of cheaper credit to make investments that could improve their share prices down the line

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