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Many people are unaware that an area of investment opportunity exists apart from the familiar world of stocks, bonds, annuities, CDs and other traditional investments where it is possible to experience consistent cash flow with targeted double-digit interest rates paid on a quarterly basis, offering investors the ability to participate in a professionally managed pool of commercial mortgage loans backed by real estate, and in many cases, by the personal guarantees of the Borrowers.

Private mortgages have stable returns and fit well within a portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate. Adding these to a portfolio will make the returns of the total portfolio more consistent.

What exactly are private mortgages? Why would I choose to invest in them?

A private mortgage is a secured debt obligation, which produces a regular, predictable income stream to the investor with all the security, protections and recourse that a mortgage lien can provide. While mortgages do not typically provide any capital appreciation, they do generate a steady stream of interest payments, which, in today’s market, can exceed current money market rates by more than 10%. Unlike stocks, the security is tangible bricks and mortar, where legal protections such as title insurance and many other unique rights and remedies ensure the enforceability of a mortgage lien. Many private mortgage loans are also secured by personal guarantees from the Borrowers, adding another layer of recourse beneficial to the investor.

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