Mortgage Rates

Current Best Mortgage Rates

*Savings are based on a mortgage of $300,000 with a 25 year amortization, OAC.

Lowest Rates* in Canada

Term Our Rate Bank Rate
3 Yr Fixed 2.79% 4.25%
5 Yr Fixed 3.24% 5.39%
Variable 2.20% 3.00%
Updated : September 1, 2011
We have the best rates on a wide range of products.
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disclaimer :
We are Mortgage Brokerage , and having access to broker services to most of the banks and financial institutes, the above is the sample and update rates of the day. the posted rates can be different for the direct consumer for the particular financial institutes and not obligated to these special rates.

Our lowest mortgage rates change frequently as we often receive short-term rate promotions daily. These promotions are never posted online. Meet or contact with us to get the best mortgage solution for you!



10 Year Fixed Rate Special 4.79% (OAC) your last mortgage ever

5 Year Variable rate mortgage at Prime – .6% (2.25%)

Open line of Credit at Prime + .50% (3.50%)*

5 Year Fixed Mortgage with 5.0% Cash back at 4.78%*

Many of our rates can be guaranteed for up to 4 months! This means if you secure a mortgage in April, the rate is guaranteed until August.

If you are buying a home (in Canada) now, or switching from a current lender, you can secure these rates NOW by contacting us today.

*Rates subject to change without notice and OAC* Some Conditions Apply

*Mortgage rates updated on August 26th, 2011

Note: Rates are subject to change and OAC. Certain terms and conditions apply on our five year fixed rate & VRM.

Please note that we are offered additional promotional rates during each day. 

Please call 647-267-6338 for more information or Contact us.

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