B2B- Realtors

Dear Realtor Partner,

Your client’s new home doesn’t come with mortgage advice. We do.

When it comes to your client’s mortgage, it is important to make sure they get the home they really want, with flexible financing solutions that are right for them.

This is where we come in picture. We are here to help your client get the mortgage best suited to their lifestyle and to make your home ownership goals happen.

Supported by the considerable resources and expertise of CENTUM, we will provide your clients with expert advice and service for their home financing needs.

We help clients understand the economic environment and ensure that their financing suits their current situation and their future plans.

You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that you are working with a professional who has only your client’s best interests in mind.

If you are looking to have your client make informed mortgage decisions, contact us today and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Your Best B2B partner in progress,

Vijay Gandhi, MBF,B.Sc.
Mortgage Agent
License #: M10001947
CENTUM Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc., License #: 12147
716 Gordon Baker Road , Unit #204A
Toronto, ONM2H 3B4


Direct: 647-267-6338
Office Fax: 888-813-9403

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