HomEquity Bank launches Mortgage Broker Direct

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2015 – HomEquity Bank launches its new “Mortgage Broker Direct (MBD)” program this week. For the first time, mortgage brokers will be able to submit deals directly to the bank via D+H Expert upon being certified. Last year, HomEquity Bank’s broker business saw a growth of 39%, with over 1,000 mortgage brokers sending in referrals with an average deal size of $150,000.

The Mortgage Broker Direct program through HomEquity Bank will offer a no-fee certification process to a limited number of mortgage brokers to start. The MBD program will provide brokers with continuing education (CE) credits for completing the certification, a professional designation (Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist), specialized marketing support and attractive compensation equal to that of selling a regular five-year fixed mortgage.

“Being a HomEquity Bank Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist gives clients the confidence that their mortgage broker is presenting all options to them” said Fiona Campbell, Partnership Director, HomEquity Bank.

“We are excited for this new chapter at the bank and for our mortgage brokers to consider our CHIP Reverse Mortgage product as a preferred financial solution for their senior clientele. We are confident that Mortgage Broker Direct will change the landscape of our business as we know it” said Steven Ranson, President and CEO, HomEquity Bank.

To promote our new MBD launch and to show our appreciation to our valued Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialists, HomEquity Bank has introduced an exciting launch promotion, rewarding the first certified mortgage broker who refers, funds or achieves a certain threshold of funding with a pre-paid credit card.

About HomEquity Bank


HomEquity Bank is the only national provider of reverse mortgages to homeowners aged 55 and over, Canada’s fastest growing demographic segment. HomEquity Bank originates and administers Canada’s largest portfolio of reverse mortgages under the CHIP Reverse Mortgage and Income Advantage brands. HomEquity Bank has been the main underwriter of reverse mortgages in Canada since its predecessor, Canadian Home Income Plan, pioneered the concept in 1986.

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Reverse Mortgage

CHIP is a reverse mortgage, a loan secured against the value of your home. Unlike a loan or a regular mortgage, with CHIP you are not required to make payments. You only repay the loan when you move or sell your home.

You are required to keep your property in good maintenance, pay your property taxes and property insurance.

The money you receive is tax-free and yours to use as you wish.


income-advantageIncome Advantage

Income Advantage from HomEquity Bank is a loan secured against the value in your home. It lets you convert part of your home equity into cash – without requiring you to sell or move. Income Advantage gives you choice and flexibility.

You maintain complete ownership and control of your home. You can access your money in monthly installments or initial and periodic advances. Income Advantage lets you access up to 40% of your home’s appraised value and you receive the money tax-free.

* Always consult your accountant or financial advisor.