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As a dedicated mortgage professional, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients stay informed about new products available within the industry, and across the financial services spectrum in general.
I’m pleased to report that I have found a new product that I feel may be a critical aid to help you achieve financial success: Syndicated Mortgage Investments.
Whenever two or more individuals lend to a single borrower in a transaction, it is called a syndicated mortgage.
The practice has been commonplace for many sophisticated investors across Canada for decades, but has never been a true “retail” type of investment – until now.
Syndicate Mortgage Investments up to 8%* to 13.79%* on your money..

Syndicate Mortgage Investments offer you the opportunity to choose which project you invest in and this form of investing is RSP eligible without the need to be an accredited investor. With a minimum of only $25,000 and over you can enjoy 8% fixed rates with the potential to earn a deferred lender fee at the completion of the project. All investors are also registered on title at the land registry with their full amount as a lien on the property as collateral and security.
Introdaction video: Fortress Real Capital

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