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Protect Your Credit Rating

Your credit score is basically the story of personal finances, regardless of the accounts and the forms of credit which had been in the past and none of the payments, defaults or notices on those accounts are marked on your credit score.

Finance companies use credit reports to see how people manage or not manage your:

bank accounts
credit card
personal loans
mortgage payments,
mobile phones.

This helps lenders to obtain a profile of the typical customer is more likely and less likely to lend money in the future. But can it really protect and make better credit rating?

Well, yes, there are certain things you can do to make sure your credit rating is the best it can be. First you should always tell the truth every time you apply for credit. In the end, only that suffers if you can not afford to make payments on its debt.

This is the first basic rule of lending, not fool yourself – can you really, honestly afford to make payments? If you lie on a loan application form can easily find and could be considered fraudulent applications which cause problems for you in the future.

Do not apply over and over again with different lenders, this will only leave a trail of rejected applications behind you. Every time you make a new application the lender will see on your credit score number of times already implemented and the lenders that you have requested.

If you feel you might be able to get a quote more competitive than other financial institution then ask just that – an appointment. Then you can go make a formal application. If the finance company say they need to run a credit check for an appointment and then ask them to ensure that only appears on your credit rating as a quotation search rather than a search application for credit.

Your credit report will also be shown to others with whom you have joint accounts or any other form of joint credit. Obviously, these people may be ex-partners no longer share a relationship.

Make sure you keep up to date credit report saying the credit agencies to eliminate people who are not financially linked to you. Lenders can view the credit ratings of the economically connected to their credit and if you have a bad credit could be affected.

Always check their identity, if something looks suspicious applications that can not remember then that the agency knows. Infact if you find something in your credit report that you think should not be there then write the credit bureau and ask them to modify or discontinue know exactly what it means.

For example, if a CCJ has been set then make sure the sample. You need to ensure the corrections you’ve made efforts to clear your score is.

The easiest way to keep your credit rating clean is to make your payments every time, in time. Even if the payment is only a few pounds to show that you are responsible with their finances and can budget properly.

If you think you might miss a payment in the future, please contact the lender immediately, burying his head in the sand will not help the problem and things will only get worse.