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As we all know that credit card fraud are on the rise and criminals are using the latest techniques to acquire credit card information. In these circumstances, anyone can lose your credit card information to individuals and criminals. individual due diligence is necessary to protect credit card information and below are some steps that can help protect you.

– At least once a year (or preferably every 6 months) the report of each of its letters missing, so that your credit card company that issues a new card. This is because criminals often steal credit card information, but they hope to collect many (at least one million) before selling them and this process usually takes a year (according to the FBI) ​​that most of the time the information in your credit card can be compromised, but you do not know about it until the thief sells it to a buyer and then within 1-2 weeks you get hit by tons of shopping and before you know it Your credit card is maxed out and you’re stuck with “prove it was not true.

– Register with http://www.LifeLock.com, instead of identity theft programs of many of their bank. This program costs about $ 80 – $ 100 per year (similar in cost to banks like Chase and WFB offer), but this program really covers all the costs when your identity is stolen and the cards are the most . They do so much more than the other programs offered by banks and cover all costs that may incur (including replacement of your PC may be infected with a virus).

– If someone calls you (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or other credit card company) and told him anything like credit card was used, stolen, etc, get your phone number and tell to call them back before you say anything to them. And then call the 800 number on the back of your card and verify that the phone number they gave is actually a valid number. Do not give anything, especially the digit 3 in the back of your card to any caller.

– As always, DO NOT write your PIN for ATM card in any email.

– Do not open any email from someone I do not know. If you do, and there is a pdf. Attach the file, make sure it makes sense that the sender has sent you this file otherwise DO NOT open the pdf file .. Many viruses are embedded in the files. pdf (no images or txt files, simply. pdf)

– If it does online banking (as we all do) DO NOT make payment of bills or if he does once a day check the balance on your account. Also, if possible contact your bank and wire transfers ban any account. Tonnes of wire transfer fraud has happened over the last year or two and people have lost their money, banks are not required to pay even if you can prove who did the transfer. They say their computer was hacked and that’s your fault not theirs. Check your bank account daily balances and bank transfer you have 24 hours (in most cases) to invest, but if you go then your money is gone and can never be able to pick up again.

– NEVER give your laptop for repair or improvements to any person who does not know. Once your laptop or computer is in the hands of a thief that can install spyware and other programs that go into the core of your PC and nothing, as in NOT even reformat your hard disk can be undone virus or spyware. Your only option is to get rid of your PC and buy a new one.

– When online, if you happen to go to a website that had many different elements to it, such as “Sarah Palin information,” “victims of the earthquake”, “Las Vegas last minute”, etc. DO NOT open any files or Documents (No ‘t click on them). These websites are put together by very clever thieves who want to attract people to have a variety of published information, but each item has a virus / spyware loaded on it and if you click on it the virus is loaded into your PC and from the point where it can monitor keyboard input, including the screens to watch. Avoid any site that contains a collection of unusual or strange about them.

– Have a credit card with a low limit ($ 1000 – $ 2000) only for use in Internet shopping.

– Have another card, even with a lower limit ($ 500) only for use in gas stations. Gas stations have the highest rate of fraud, because the pumps have reader / PIN pads in them that are really old and have no security role in them. So you have a card very low limit for exclusive use at gas stations.

– Have one or more high-limit cards you only use when you buy something that you sign, always check your statements at the end of the month.

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