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Apply for Credit Report
There are two major credit agencies in Canada.If you like to verify your own credit score.


2.Trans Union

A credit report is a summary of your credit history and how consistently you pay your financial obligations. It includes credit account information, employment and personal financial information.

Having good credit history and a good credit score are very important when purchasing a home. A good credit score may help you borrow the money you require to purchase your home. A poor credit score may determine whether you have to pay a higher interest rate. Basically, your credit score indicates how likely you are to repay future debts and can speed up or slow down your mortgage approval process.

More than one credit report bureau keeps records on you. Equifax and TransUnion are the two principal credit bureaus in Canada.

Use the links below to obtain additional information on what a credit history and credit score are, why it’s important to check your credit report, how to obtain a copy of your credit report and how you can improve your credit score if necessary.